The Man Is Not Worth ItThe Man Is Not Worth It

Does he only want me for my body?

As a woman, you may have asked yourself this question many times before. It’s a fair question to ask and it deserves an answer. A man is interested in your appearance as long as the attraction comes with an emotional attraction to you as well. If he is not showing any other interest in you, then he is probably just attracted to your body and that’s it.

If you are looking for some way to determine if this is the case, pay attention to his romantic behavior towards you. You must base this on some time spent with him, not just one date.

Some women are under the impression that they are doing everything possible to keep his attention, but in fact, they are turning him off more and more each time they interact with him. These behaviors include:

  • Bad breath – Always have a mint or gum on hand so you can freshen up your breath before talking to him.
  • Excessive perfume – This is an immediate turn-off for many men. As much as possible, don’t wear any perfume or cologne when talking to him.
  • Body odor – Make sure you are fresh and clean at all times. This is an immediate turnoff for many men.
  • Speaking too loudly – It’s natural for women to speak more softly, but some women are not aware that they are speaking too loudly or that their voice carries. If you know that your voice carries, then try to keep this in mind when talking to him.
  • Being too critical of him – Too much criticism will ultimately lead him to lose interest in anything else you have to say or offer. You may have valid points, but if he feels as though he does not want to hear it from you, then he will avoid talking about his feelings with you.
  • Too much information – Men on the whole do not want to know intimate details about your life. Keep your conversations with him at a level that satisfies his needs and wants. If you feel that you must tell him something, then be sure to focus on the present or on what is happening at that moment, not on past experiences or little details of your everyday life.
  • Avoiding spending time with him – While this may seem like an obvious tip, some women are unaware of how it comes across to a man when she avoids being alone with him. He may feel as though you are not interested in him if this is the case.
  • Being too busy – If you are always “too busy” to spend anytime with him, then he is not going to feel that he is important to you or that he is able to spend time with you anymore. This is not just about scheduling date nights, but about seeing him casually throughout the week.
  • Not having anything in common – There are many things one can discuss on a date just for fun, but if there’s nothing in common between you and this man, then it will be hard for the two of you to sustain a relationship. Focus on what your shared interests are and work from there.

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10 Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship10 Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship

While every person does unhealthy points often, we can all learn to enjoy far better by identifying undesirable indications and changing to healthy and balanced actions. If you are seeing harmful check in your connection, it is essential to not overlook them and comprehend they can escalate to abuse.
If you think you remain in a hazardous scenario, trust your gut and obtain help.


When somebody reveals very severe sensations as well as outrageous actions that really feels frustrating. Things are getting as well intense if you feel like somebody is rushing the speed of the connection (comes on also solid, also fast) as well as seems obsessive regarding wishing to see you and be in continuous contact.


When somebody is jealous to a point where they try to control who you hang around with and also what you do. While envy is a normal human emotion, it becomes harmful when it causes somebody to regulate or lash out at you. This suggests obtaining upset when you message or hang out with people they feel threatened by, wrongly charging you of teasing or cheating, or even presuming as to stalk you. Possessiveness is usually excused as being overprotective or having actually solid feelings for somebody.


When somebody tries to control your decisions, activities or emotions. Adjustment is often hard to detect, due to the fact that it can be revealed in subtle or passive-aggressive methods. You understand you’re being controlled if a person is attempting to convince you to do points you do not feel comfortable doing, ignores you till they obtain their way, or tries to influence your sensations.


When somebody keeps you away from friends, family, or other people. This behavior typically begins gradually with a person asking you to spend more 1:1 time with them but can later on intensify to needs that you do not see certain individuals. Commonly, they will certainly ask you to select between them and also your close friends, insist that you spend all your time with them, or make you examine your own judgment of friends and family. If you are experiencing seclusion, you might end up feeling like you depend on your companion for love, money or acceptance.


When someone purposely ruins your track record, success, or success. Sabotage includes maintaining you from doing points that are very important to you. Actions like talking behind your back, beginning rumors, or endangering to share personal information concerning you, is additionally sabotage.


When somebody does as well as claims points to make you feel bad about on your own. This includes name-calling, making disrespectful remarks concerning individuals you’re close with, or criticizing you. It’s additionally putting down when somebody makes fun of you in a manner that makes you feel bad, even if it’s played off as a joke. Over time, this can make you lose self-confidence in on your own or your capabilities.


When a person makes you feel in charge of their activities or makes you seem like it’s your work to keep them delighted. They may condemn you for things that run out your control as well as make you feel bad for them. This consists of threatening to harm themselves or others if you don’t do as they say or stay with them. They could additionally push you to do something that you’re not comfortable with by claiming that it is essential to them or that it’ll hurt their sensations if you do not do it.


When somebody has an actually solid, unpredictable response that makes you feel afraid, overwhelmed or frightened. A volatile individual makes you seem like you need to walk on eggshells around them or they will certainly have severe responses to small things. Your relationship with them could seem like a rollercoaster that contains extreme ups and downs. They might overreact to small things, have significant mood swings or lose control by getting terrible, shouting or endangering you.

Dispersing Obligation

When someone continuously makes reasons for their undesirable habits. They might criticize you or other people for their own activities. Usually, this includes making justifications based on alcohol or drug use, psychological wellness concerns or past experiences (like a cheating ex or separated parents).


When somebody is disloyal or acts in a deliberately dishonest way. They may imitate a various person around other people or share private info regarding you to others. It likewise includes existing, deliberately leaving you out, being two-faced, or dishonesty on you.

15 Powerful Relationship Lessons From Happy And Caring Couples15 Powerful Relationship Lessons From Happy And Caring Couples

I hang out with a team of pairs that have actually been with their spouse or companion for ten years or more.

Most of us appear to be satisfied as well as loving people. Naturally our relationships are far from ideal, yet somehow most of us have actually decided to make this trip with our better half, for far better or worse.Here are 15 connection lessons we exercise to maintain our connections healthy and balanced, satisfied, as well as loving.

  1. Genuinely like each other.

You need to such as the person you are with due to the fact that to be truthful, the intense “in-love” sensations may not constantly be there. Some days you wish to kill your companion, but what quits you is the feeling that you actually like this person.

Crazy talk apart, when it comes down to spending many hours with a bachelor, liking them comes to be very essential.

When you state you “like” a person, what you’re really saying is, “he or she is great to associate, they don’t jump on my nerves all that much, and to inform you the reality, I feel great when I’m around them.”

  1. Appreciate the funny bone you share.

I locate that each couple has their very own sense of humor. They each discover the various other amusing and also make fun of the very same things that probably others would not locate as humorous.

This commonality is something to be valued due to the fact that locating someone that can make you laugh, particularly when things are difficult, can be the glue that makes you stick as well as stay.

  1. Treasure the excellent in the other person.

Focusing on the good characteristics of your partner will enhance your loving sensations for them which might help you forget the frustrating things they do. Since there’s no perfect person, but what there can be is your favorable assumption of that person.

Also, I have actually discovered when you focus on the terrific qualities of a person, you begin seeing more of those high qualities come out.

  1. Birds of a feather, flock together.

Men and women who want and are drawn to be in long-term partnerships hangout together. Pairs, that do “couples activity” with other pairs create friendships and also a bond that works as a support system for the total health and wellness of all connections entailed.

Your couple friends will certainly exist to share the great times. They will also exist to comfort and sustain the both of you when and also if that situation ever before emerges.

  1. Utilize your words.

I understand there’s some scientific research to back my following declaration because it’s the honest truth.

Male can not read minds. Women on the other hand can, particularly if they’re related. Consequently when men and women talk, they have to utilize their words.

Joking aside, the healthiest connections are the ones who connect well with each other.

I think both men and women must clearly request for what they want from their partner in order to obtain it.

For instance, my guy knows, if I request 12 lemons for a 12 lemon facility piece, he will certainly bring 12 lemons residence.

Extra importantly, couples who state what they mean in a loving way get to the heart of a problem and locate a method to resolve it.

  1. Grow your specific existence.

The healthiest connections are where everyone has their very own lives. Build a life together, however do not lose yourself and also your private purpose.

Healthy and balanced couples sustain each other in their individual interests such as hobbies, sport tasks, or purposeful work.

When a person has a function as well as a feeling of suggesting to their life, they act in a much more favorable as well as caring way to their partners and other individuals generally.

  1. Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, as well as actions.

At any moment in time, you can transform your thought, state of mind, and reaction right. Your partner might not constantly do the best thing, but you have the power to respond in a much more favorable method regardless of the situation.

Performing favorably as well as adoringly in the direction of a situation will certainly bring about a more efficient resolution.

  1. Let them be.

Do not be afraid to give each other a “cooling-off” duration. Not everything requires to be settled right there and then.

Allow each person find their very own understanding of a scenario to make sure that they can hopefully return with some feeling as well as empathy.

  1. Hang around apart.

Nobody suches as anyone that is underfoot also long. It is healthy to hang out far from each other.

My guy and also I did a cross country thing for three years in the middle of our partnership as well as I think it just made our bond more powerful.

Let each other delight in a weekend away with good friends and find your very own connection revived upon their return.

  1. Do not sweat the tiny things.

One of the best points you can do for a long-lasting relationship is to not be bothered by the idiosyncrasies of the various other individual.

There are some points in an individual that may never ever transform and also you just have to approve that. Yes, you may assume your companion was raised in a barn, yet she or he is still the one you want in your little world.

Be quick to forgive stupid, maybe even thoughtless mistakes because as long as it does not make you distrust the individual or question your entire relationship, then it can all be exercised with some understanding, empathy, and concession.

  1. Act like a team.

This is just one of the lessons that I believe can actually aid a partnership make it through as well as grow.

When you recognize that your companion has your typical back, you really feel a kind of tranquility. A sense that you’re not alone, that another person is keeping an eye out for your best interest, which really feels amazing.

A lot of my pair good friends very own companies with their spouse and also in my monitoring it brings them closer together. Having an organization with someone shows you concerning cooperation, compromise, and also the importance of choosing together.

  1. Show your appreciation.

Words “thanks” must be claimed as frequently as possible since everybody suches as to really feel valued and also appreciated.

All the time, your companion is always doing something for love and family and that must not go undetected. From making dinner, functioning long hours, and doing basic acts of kindness, provide your gratitude.

It’s an universal truth. The more you say thank you to what deep space offers you, the extra you receive those kind of things.

  1. State I like you and also show it.

Despite the length of time you’ve been with each other, constantly tell your companion you like them since this brief, but significant sentence can have such an influence on their day.

For example, these basic words may be the most effective thing they hear all the time. It can make them really feel recognized, safe, appreciated, and desired. By just claiming these 3 little words, you can provide these terrific feelings to each various other.

Then reveal each other the love you feel with tiny acts of compassion or huge motions of devotion. Despite just how you do it, the point is that you do it.

  1. Invest romantic time with each other.

Investing romantic time with each other is different from the various other times you’re investing with each other. Charming time indicates that your sole emphasis is to link romantically with your partner and this is very vital if you desire the fires of love to shed for eternity.

I like the stating, “The lawn is greener where your water it.” So if you want the love in between the both of you to last, you have to take care of that grass like it’s the Bermuda grass of the Carolinas.

In plain English, day night is a must-do.

  1. It’s about the journey.

You will stroll in the sunlight together. You will certainly hold each other limited throughout a freak storm. Sometimes you will also dance in the rain together.

All that matters is despite the climate, you will expectantly share the experience with each other.

However if there comes a time that you don’t, ideally you have actually done all of the above so you know that you gave it your best, and also you showed them how big you can enjoy.

The 7 Indicators of a Truly Caring RelationshipThe 7 Indicators of a Truly Caring Relationship

One of the most challenging connection we will ever have is with ourselves. The objective of each of our lives is to be present for whatever takes place to us– no matter what that appears like. Our life, no question, will certainly be fraught with ups and downs, transitions, barriers, obstacles, accomplishments, and accomplishments. Ideally, we will certainly pick up from our experiences to ensure that progressing, our lives will certainly be much better, much healthier, and also a lot more purposeful. The expression “know thyself” states it best: The initial, as well as most vital, work of our life time is to recognize that we are as best we can, in the maximum kind that is possible.

When we have a pretty good suggestion regarding that we are and what we mean, we are ready to begin the journey of being ourselves in a partnership. Having an intimate partnership with another person is probably the second-most-challenging partnership any one of us will certainly ever before have. Not only are we being asked to keep up the job of ensuring we live our very own life to its greatest capacity and potential, we are currently asked and challenged to integrate the complete capacity and also potential of another human enjoying a partnership. You can visualize just how complex and challenging it is to develop an experience that is healthy, truthful, respectful, comprehensive, cheerful, and caring, which worths and promotes individual expression as well as individual growth for both companions.

Although intimacy, relationship, experience, connection, and safety are trademarks of a successful connection, there are 7 important concepts that define a loving (and also healthy and balanced) relationship.

  1. You join each other’s discovering as well as growth.

Each of us is a mirror for the other. We learn from the sensations as well as behaviors of our partner. Acquiring new point of views via our companion’s life boosts the quality of our very own; the partnership is a win-win situation. In addition, our companion’s interests may serve as productive ground for our own brand-new understanding and growth. As our partner grows, we expand, too.

  1. You value and regard each other’s uniqueness and limits.

We are all different. Our specific distinctions ought to never be seen as being “less than” another person’s, however as chances to gain a new perspective. A healthy and balanced relationship nurtures and also accepts each of our special high qualities.

Be wary of connections that attempt to control you; that try to squash your uniqueness because it endangers a companion when you do not see things their method; or that place you down because are too independent. Watch out for a partner that attempts to make you be similar to them since that is the only method they fit in a partnership.

In a healthy, caring relationship you appreciate your partner’s limits. You offer each other the area you need far from the connection to be alone, to be with close friends, as well as to pursue your own interests.

  1. You urge healthy and balanced communication as well as dialogue.

You feel free and comfortable to claim what’s on your mind. It needs to not be anticipated that you as well as your companion will settle on every little thing, so it’s necessary to keep your communication straightforward and also sincere– not important or judgmental, and also not shaming or criticizing. You truly “pay attention” to what your partner is saying, not just the words, yet the means they reveal their emotions and sensations, as well as their behaviors as well as activities.

  1. You share like or comparable values.

Preferably, you get on the same page concerning key life problems– household values, elevating kids, religious and spiritual life, also national politics. Having a comparable means of looking at life develops a shorthand means to connect to each on vital issues. That’s not to say that people from different histories, societies, religious beliefs, and ideological backgrounds can’t be your suitable partner. These differences may take more time to understand as well as exercise, yet that’s entirely possible when partners value each other adequate to make the relationship work.

  1. You trust each other without question.

Trust indicates that you believe that your companion has what it requires to weather the storms of life and come through them standing by your side. Count on implies the unwavering self-confidence that no matter what takes place, your partner will stay dedicated to you as well as the connection, will certainly honor their commitments, will not exist, as well as will remain open up to exercising whatever problems arise.

  1. You share significant life decisions and also options.

Troubles will certainly develop throughout a connection, but nobody partner ought to call all or a lot of the shots. As opposed to really feel frustrated and also angry when problems occur, it is essential to bear in mind that part of the dedication to a loving relationship is overcoming your personal feelings and assumptions in order to work out a service that’s in the most effective passion of both companions. As a matter of fact, it commonly takes 2 to get the appropriate compromise, the right balance, bring into play each person’s previous knowledge, experience, as well as knowledge. Learning how to exchange is a vital procedure in analytic. Yet above all, each companion must add just as to making significant choices and also selections.

  1. You have the ability to let things go and also carry on.

Life is everything about modification and change. Nothing remains still or the exact same, as high as we may in some cases desire it to since it makes us feel more safe and risk-free. Certainly, the twists and turns of life will certainly discover their method right into every single partnership, and as partners, we require to find a way through to the next part of the journey. Although we may be dissatisfied, distressed, and even shocked by what life has tossed at us, a caring, healthy and balanced partnership educates us that by standing together and progressing with each other we will efficiently reach what waits for us on the other side. Unity offers strength and balance.