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The Man Is Not Worth ItThe Man Is Not Worth It

Does he only want me for my body?

As a woman, you may have asked yourself this question many times before. It’s a fair question to ask and it deserves an answer. A man is interested in your appearance as long as the attraction comes with an emotional attraction to you as well. If he is not showing any other interest in you, then he is probably just attracted to your body and that’s it.

If you are looking for some way to determine if this is the case, pay attention to his romantic behavior towards you. You must base this on some time spent with him, not just one date.

Some women are under the impression that they are doing everything possible to keep his attention, but in fact, they are turning him off more and more each time they interact with him. These behaviors include:

  • Bad breath – Always have a mint or gum on hand so you can freshen up your breath before talking to him.
  • Excessive perfume – This is an immediate turn-off for many men. As much as possible, don’t wear any perfume or cologne when talking to him.
  • Body odor – Make sure you are fresh and clean at all times. This is an immediate turnoff for many men.
  • Speaking too loudly – It’s natural for women to speak more softly, but some women are not aware that they are speaking too loudly or that their voice carries. If you know that your voice carries, then try to keep this in mind when talking to him.
  • Being too critical of him – Too much criticism will ultimately lead him to lose interest in anything else you have to say or offer. You may have valid points, but if he feels as though he does not want to hear it from you, then he will avoid talking about his feelings with you.
  • Too much information – Men on the whole do not want to know intimate details about your life. Keep your conversations with him at a level that satisfies his needs and wants. If you feel that you must tell him something, then be sure to focus on the present or on what is happening at that moment, not on past experiences or little details of your everyday life.
  • Avoiding spending time with him – While this may seem like an obvious tip, some women are unaware of how it comes across to a man when she avoids being alone with him. He may feel as though you are not interested in him if this is the case.
  • Being too busy – If you are always “too busy” to spend anytime with him, then he is not going to feel that he is important to you or that he is able to spend time with you anymore. This is not just about scheduling date nights, but about seeing him casually throughout the week.
  • Not having anything in common – There are many things one can discuss on a date just for fun, but if there’s nothing in common between you and this man, then it will be hard for the two of you to sustain a relationship. Focus on what your shared interests are and work from there.

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